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Child Protective Services has removed your child, most likely without a warrant or reasonable cause, and they are probably holding your child hostage while you jump through all their hoops and programs and life changes. Your child may be in foster care or with an abusive person who is teaming with CPS simply to make your life miserable. We completely understand how traumatizing this is for you and more importantly, for your children. Your children are most likely being brainwashed to believe bad things about you and often, placed on psychotropic medications if they show any sign of sadness, rebellion, or rejection to their manipulation. Your child needs to be with YOU. Your child wants to be with you, they need you.

It is common practice for the Juvenile Courts to allow social workers to lie and manipulate facts. They get away with doing what they do because the so-called "lawyers" do not object to anything! Next time you are in court, pay attention to the word "submit" coming out of your attorney's mouth. Or, better yet, get a copy of your hearing transcripts and you will see it come out of their mouth. This is an acceptance of everything the social worker has said about you in their report. It is a scam, the Juvenile Court system is rigged. Everyone is paid for by the county social services. Everyone works for CPS and they want to keep their jobs so they all work together, putting on a little show I call a circus. See all the articles I have written comparing the court to a circus here: Juvenile Dependency Court is a Circus

So, what this package is offering is all-inclusive for two months. Whatever stage your case is at, you will receive Objections to the most recent filed report as long as the court has not completed the hearing on it.

Our objective is to ensure your case has OBJECTIONS ON THE RECORD. This is ESSENTIAL to winning your case on appeal. You can appeal ANY "ORDER" the judge makes against you. The appeal is forwarded to an apellate court and you are automatically represented by an appellate attorney who gets a copy of all the documents in the court record, along with hearing transcripts to find where the opposition has been stated and then he writes a memorandum and brief and submits it to the panel of three judges who rule on whether or not everything in court was "legal". If no objections have been raised, then you will have no appealable issues and your appeal will be denied. If the appellate attorney finds objections and does his research then it is very likely that order you are appealing will be reversed. Depending on the subject of the order, if you are appealing the detention and removal lets say, then your children will have to be returned to you. If you are appealing the decision for reunification services and you have objected to the lies and falsified evidence, they will have to return your child. If you are appealing TPR, they will have to return your child. Understand the importance of objections now?

We will provide you with an extensive case review in both digital and paper form.

We will be here to take your phone call anytime between the hours of 6 am and midnight. You can call us from court if you need additional coaching to present your objections.

We will respond to your emails within 3 hours.

You will receive a tremendous amount of information and research to help you understand your case and the objectives of social services. You will have a comprehensive understanding of pertinent laws that apply to your case.

We will write and mail up to 10 letters for you.

We will fill out court forms for you.

We will file everything on your behalf.

We will help you stay strong during this emotionally draining time.

We will offer suggestions to certain complicated issues and direct you to support groups to help you follow through with the strategy you decide.

You will receive detailed instructions about obtaining case information from the court, requesting documents from your attorney and social services, and copies of your local social service agency's policies and manual along with your court's rules and the laws that govern your jurisdiction. You will receive this information in digital form AND A COPY WILL BE MAILED TO YOU ALONG WITH A PROFESSIONAL LEGAL FILE FOLDER AND INSTRUCTIONS ON KEEPING YOUR CASE DOCUMENTS ORGANIZED. The information you receive is worth hundreds of dollars at least. 

You may have realized by now, NO ATTORNEY WILL HELP YOU so you have to help yourself. We are NOT attorneys and cannot give legal advice but we can surely DO MORE FOR YOU THAN ANY COURT-APPOINTED ATTORNEY COULD POSSIBLY DO FOR YOU. 


We cannot guarantee any outcome other than CPS will ultimately receive funding for the "orders" the "judge" issues. 

Disclaimer: We are NOT attorneys, we cannot represent you in any legal way. We do not give "legal advice". We offer knowledge in the form of research and experience. Purchasing consulting or document services from donnellyjustice Consulting and Document Services is at your own risk and we are not liable for any actions or inactions of those orchestrating your Juvenile Dependency court case. Any information obtained from donnellyjustice Consulting & Document Services should be verified by a licensed attorney who is knowledgeable in this area of law.

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